Thirsty Palette is quickly becoming the premier event space to host corporate team-building painting parties!

We offer two separate kinds of team-building painting parties, either of which can take place in our studio or offsite at your company or another event space:

Individual Paintings – Similar to our other private parties, where an artist instructs the party step by step on how to complete the selected painting. Custom paintings may be requested!

Mural Paintings – Takes the words “team-building” to another level, as 5 to 10 people at a time will take turns creating your company’s newest masterpiece! Before the party, the party’s artist will sketch your design to your satisfaction, and once approved, will transfer it onto the mural. After 2-3 hours of team painting, your mural may be proudly hung in your company’s lobby, conference room, lunch room or anywhere else in your office!

Corporate team-building painting parties are becoming more and more popular because they:

  • make great staff rewards
  • are a great way to turn office strangers into painting partners
  • inspire creativity, comradery and fun around the workplace
  • gives new employees something in common to talk about with their new team
  • result in a truly unique piece of art that everyone played a role in creating

Thirsty Palette Corporate Team-Building Events Info

Individual Paintings Cost

  • Sunday-Wednesday Morning/Afternoons
    • 1-10 people – $40 per person
    • 11 or more – $30 per person
  • Sunday-Wednesday Evenings
    • 10 or more – $40 per person
  • Thursday-Saturday Morning/Afternoons
    • 1-10 people – $40 per person
    • 11 or more – $30 per person
  • Thursday-Saturday Evenings
    • 15-20 people – $50 per person
    • 20-30 people – $40 per person
    • 30-36 people – $30 per person

Mural Paintings Cost

  • 30X40 Canvas – $500 per mural
  • 36X48 Canvas – $800 per mural
  • Recommended to have one mural for every 20 people in attendance

Offsite Events

  • Must have 30 or more people
  • $30 per person
  • $125 artist travel fee
  • $75 for each additional artist
  • All painting supplies is included

For more information or to schedule your corporate team-building event, contact us today!